Ascension Scattering

Using nature’s own thermals and updrafts, Ascension Scattering returns your loved one to the sky in a unique and meaningful way.

Aerial scattering services have been available for years using conventional powered aircraft.  Families that choose cremation or have the ashes of a previously deceased loved one can now honor and commemorate their loved one by a memorial service that can only be performed using a graceful silent glider aircraft.  Ascension Scattering is a growing memorial tradition that can be performed either in lieu of or, in many cases, in addition to permanent memorialization services.

Ascension Scattering releases cremated remains (also known as “cremains” or “ashes”) into a naturally occurring column of rising air, known as a “thermal”.  A portion of the cremated remains ascend into the upper atmosphere where they can remain indefinitely.  This results in a unique and inspirational global scattering.

Wherever family members live, this provides a lasting memorial knowing that each time they look heavenward, they are reminded of their loved one.  Only Aerial Tribute’s high performance sailplanes can find suitable rising air to lift the cremated remains into the sky.



Who is most interested in Ascension Scattering?

1) Families who are making arrangements for a recently deceased loved one (at need).

2) Individuals or couples making arrangements for themselves in advance (pre-need).

3) Families that have cremated remains of a loved one and have yet to make plans for final disposition (completion).

While families are welcome to contact us directly, we believe professional Funeral Home Directors provide invaluable support to families during the difficult process of passing through grief to mourning. 

We therefore encourage families to ask their local Funeral Director to arrange Aerial Tribute services.  These caring and compassionate professionals are there to help your family in a wide range of ways.  If you do not already have a relationship, you may contact the knowledgeable professionals at Greenwood & Myers to make arrangements.

We are a proud member of the Cremation Association of North America (CANA), adhere strongly to the

CANA Code of Conduct

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Ascension Scattering:

A dignified and eco-friendly way to send your own or your loved one’s ashes heavenward

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