Ascension Scattering®  Every Cloud... A Monument®

Families are invited to honor their loved one by choosing one of the Ascension Scattering packages below.   Families in the U.S. receive instructions describing how to send their loved one’s cremated remains to Aerial Tribute using registered USPS.  Families outside the U.S. are encouraged to contact Inman Shipping Worldwide for shipping assistance tailored to the regulations of their country.



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Dove Package

Ascension Scattering is performed when conditions are favorable. When completed, the family receives an Ascension Scattering Certificate detailing the time and location of the release. 



Falcon Package includes the above, plus:

Personalized Service

Aerial Tribute supplies strips of bio-degradable rice paper so that family and friends may send along written prayers and thoughts to be released with the cremains.  A recitation may be given by the family to be read by the pilot at the time of the release.  Rose petals may be included with the release.  A selection of music can be played during the release.

Ascension Video

A video of the Ascension Scattering is taken at the time of release and supplied on DVD to memorialize the event and as further documentation.